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He’s Mr. Tough Guy and he’s going to make sure the whole world kn0ws it.

In the meantime Americans will tune into network and cable news tonight and begin to wonder why jobs for our angry white guys in the midwest – the one’s who got him elected – aren’t number one on Trump’s mind.

What about Trump’s promise to ban abortions and punishing the women who get abortions? What about lowering the national debt? What about a balanced budget? What about the wall and banning Muslims from coming into America?

The millions of people who voted for Trump – and did not vote for him – are watching very closely, but I’m afraid we all will quickly find out the truth.

Mr. Tough Guy is  mentally unbalanced and my prediction that he will be impeached within months still stands.landscape-1452206724-trump-cold-open

Trump never gets bored because once he has bulled his way to whatever he wants at the moment, he quickly moves to the next shiny thing.

Now that he is (in his way of thinking) king of the world, what’s left to get? Try “Richest man in the history of the world.”

My prediction is that Trump will quickly raise up Putin and will join hands with him (I can see the photo now) to fight Isis, North Korea, and China. Putin will pay Trump hugely for Trump’s PR and sales brilliance.

By the time Trump either resigns or is impeached, he will have it all. He’ll be the richest man in the history of the world while the folks living in the Rust Belt continue to, well, live in the “Rust Belt.”

Have a good life!Vladimir Putin

It was a time for American hero’s. Being the first man to orbit the earth put John Glenn right up there with all those great men of that time and that generation.

Now that I look back, John Glenn and the astronauts of those times all remind me of my father, an aeronautical engineer with Boeing for all of his adult life.

Dad didn’t orbit the earth, but he flew on the first Boeing 707 around the world. He didn’t go up in a space ship, but he launched the first Minuteman from Vandenburg Air Force Base in Santa Maria, California.¬†He helped engineer and flight test the B-52 and the B-47. He took 5,000 people to upstate New York to develop and flight test the Chinook, our first jet helicopter.

I pay tribute to all the dedicated and talented men of The Greatest Generation.


JFK and John Glenn (LBJ at right) when honor, respect, grace, humility and fortitude were exhibited by the men of The Greatest Generation.