Trump will put together a OJ type dream team of lawyers that will keep him in office for a year or two, enough time to get what he really wants: To be known as the richest man in history.

It’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel. Laws, regulations and traditions governing what a POTUS can do or not do is not of concern to him. That’s the way he rolls.

His move toward being the richest of all time will begin when he announces at his impeach …uh, inauguration, that he is launching a “Buy Trump Bonds-Make America Great Again” campaign.

The campaign, which will star the president landing in Air Force One in corn fields across the bread basket,trump-and-baby will result in building high speed rail systems, bridges, highways, coal plants, etc and put millions back to work.

Actually, the more I think about it, he could pull off the richest man thing right in front of our nose if he is successful…. and no one would care including me.

Now, who in congress will screw this up?