1. He always looks like he is pouting or constipated.

2. Very seldom smiles and never laughs out loud.

3. He walks really slow like he has a bone spur.

4. Got out of the military because he faked a bone spur.

5. He never, ever makes fun of himself.

6. He is one of the greatest liars in human history.

7. He is one of the greatest egotists in human history.

8. His hair is orange. Like a clown.

9. He has small hands and you know what they say ……

10. He paid Marla a million dollars to say to the New York Post: “….best sex I ever had.”

11. He likes to imitate and make fun of people with disabilities.

12. He insulted President Obama and humiliated America by saying that Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

13. He always sits in a chair like he is ready to pounce on something or someone.

14. He loves conflict.

15. He somehow manages to win all conflicts.

16. He is always in revenge mode.

17. He always gets revenge.

18. He respects no one.

19. He has passion only for power and money.

20. He has no close friends.

21. He has no friends.

22.  He can’t take criticism.

23. He had nothing to do with raising his children, but takes credit for it.

24. He said he hasn’t cried since he was a baby.

25. He doesn’t get choked up and his eyes never get moist.

26. He has no hobby.

27. He doesn’t like blacks.

28. He doesn’t like Mexicans, Muslims, American Indians, Gay’s, Trans, Bi’s (well, maybe if he’s with two bi women).



Trump imitating someone choking.