Donald Trump is not mentally capable of handling the presidency and I predict he will not make it through the honeymoon period before the “I Word” rares its ugly head.

His first 100 days won’t be about creating a better life for all American’s, but a blood bath fight between Fox, alt right news websites and the mainstream media about his mental state. Congressman and senators will begin to debate his state on Capitol Hill.

True to form, President Obama is gracious even in defeat, but he also knows that Trump lives off of praise and rises up with hate when someone criticizes him. These are now the weapons that the president and any one can use to stimulate a Trump unraveling.

Listen closely when the president continues to say positive things about Trump … “I am heartened to hear that President-Elect Trump wants to unite America …. “I think it’s great that President-Elect Trump is willing to look into the facts” ….”I compliment President-Elect Trump for his history-making upset.”

The trap? Obama knows that Trump is not mentally capable of being president and as soon as Trump starts to melt down, the president can still be gracious when he says: “Donald Trump (he’ll drop “President-elect) was obviously not telling me the truth when he said he wanted to bring America together.”

Everyone, including all Republicans, will turn on Trump and it will be