It doesn’t matter to me if abortion becomes illegal and it doesn’t bother me if all are stopped from coming into our country.

It doesn’t matter if global warming is found to be a hoax and it doesn’t bother me that the Republicans now control just about everything.

I should care, but I really don’t if robots take over jobs, and if Christians hate and blame Obama for the rest of his life.

I don’t give a flip if Evangelicals believe that  gays are not normal, or if poor white and black boys are sent into a stupid war. I could care less if people love Hannity and hate Chris Matthews.

There is only one thing I really, really care about: How long Trump will last before he self destructs.

Tonight he will tell 60 Minutes that Twitter is nothing to be ashamed of and that’s good because his undoing will probably begin with just a few words in front of his 15 million Twitter followers.

He began his meltdown the day he met with President Obama in The White House and went home to his tower, looked out the window, and Tweeted that it was “unfair” for them to do that.

There’s that “us vs them” mindset that got him elected, a mindset – a mental illness – that will bring about his downfall. And, after his melt down, all Americans will be just fine because, well, we are Americans.86a735484