When the primaries first began Tom Brady was pictured at his locker with a red Trump hat clearly showing on the top shelf. Brady said he didn’t discuss politics or religion. Trump told people at a rally soon after that and said that Brady endorsed him.

The press (as horrible as they are according to Trump) caught Trump in the lie and that was the end of that one because when Trump is caught red-handed you never hear from him again about the subject.

But, last night, after a year and a half and in his last rally, Trump told the people that Brady had called him and told him that he supported him.

This morning, Brady’s wife was asked if it was true and she had a one word response: “No.”

That’s about as low as you can get. Who do you know in your life that would do that? The horrible media has reported that Trump fabricates something every 47-seconds, a world record for “fibbing.”

And, so it is, just as President Obama predicted a long time ago when he said that Trump would never be president because “I trust the American people.”