I am serious here. I would be very surprised if Trump concedes the election no matter how badly he gets beaten. Remember, he never ever admits defeat and never apologizes.

He has never asked God to forgive him because he doesn’t feel that he has ever done any thing wrong. These are his views, not mine.

Here is his “revenge” list as I see it and please keep in mind that I have known him personally for years and have watched him in action daily for a year and a half: (Not in order).

God for making his, uh, hands too small

FBI Director Comey

The 11 women who came forward (he’ll sue and then withdraw)

Rosie (fat slob)

Miss Universe (too fat)

Low energy Jeb

Little Marco

The KKK (for endorsing him)

President Obama, Michelle, Hillary and Bill, Joe, and all those related

All notable Republicans who did not endorse him and/or made fun of him

CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post and every newspaper in America (except three) who endorsed Hillary and not him

Mexicans, blacks, native Americans, Jews, Muslim’s, Eskimo’s

Dumb people all over the place ie: “How dumb is Iowa?”

Angry white men who didn’t vote and/or any one angry who didn’t vote.

The Constitution (not possible to “lock her up” with that in the way.)

Dr. Carson – just for being a dork.

Chris Christie – Continued to eat Oreo’s when he told him to stop.

His parents for putting him into a military school.

The Cubs because Hillary grew up in Chicago.

Tom Brady (didn’t endorse), LaBron James (endorsed Hillary), Tiger Woods (put him down on Charlie Rose show)

All General’s “reduced to rubble.”

Senator Jennifer Warren – very goofy. (By the way, Trump will really go nuts when Jennifer takes to Twitter and puts him down as a loser).

Bill Maher – He sued Maher a long time ago because Maher said Trump’s parents were Orangutans. (I can hardly wait until Friday at 10pm on HBO!)