Trump often calls people stupid, but don’t you think it’s a bit stupid for any one to label a baby as a “future construction worker?” President Obama is right, the dumb, hateful, and tasteless things Trump says have been normalized. They fly by us and the media.

Imagine having family and friends over to see your new baby and a drunk uncle raises his glass and says: “Wow, congratulations, we’ve got a future construction worker here!” Imagine a minister baptizing a baby and tells the parents: “You have a future construction worker here.” Not a future president; not a future nurse; not a future Marine; not a college professor … a construction worker.

Now I know that Trump supporters will discount the remark and defend him by saying that they would take insulting talk like that as long as it’s not Hillary saying it.

By the way, the rally crowd cheered because they were so happy to see Trump hold up a baby (instead of telling the mother to get the baby outta’ here) and didn’t have time to absorb his remark. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. If Trump gets in we’ll hear that kind of stupidity daily and it will become more normal than it is today.

These are stupid Trump remarks that could slowly bring us all down if he makes it in.


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