We have a Fox guy as moderator in tonight’s third presidential debate and President Obama’s estranged half brother from Kenya will be there as a Trump “guest” along with about 60 million American TV viewers.

What won’t be seen is the real reason that Trump wants to be president. If he does show that side of him he will implode and it won’t be a pretty picture.

He says that he wants to be the voice for people who have been left behind in our society. He says that he will “drain the swamp” in Washington, DC. He says that he will deport millions of illegal immigrants in his first hour in the Oval Office.

He says that he will provide jobs to the jobless and raise people out of poverty. He says that he will fix the economy and make better trade deals for the U.S. within the scope of a new globalization.

But when he combs his hair in the morning and looks in the mirror, he knows why he desires with all his being to be president – to gain power.

That’s it and if he realizes tonight that he will not be president the chances of him imploding are high, very high. Even his most ardent supporters will think twice about him and millions throughout the world will know for sure that he doesn’t have the temperament to be president or keep his hands off of a beauty queen.