As a journalist totally and sadly addicted to the coverage of the presidential race, I went to Google to find information about Natasha Stoynoff. She is all over the news as she accused Donald Trump of pinning her up against a wall and putting his tongue down her throat while Trump’s pregnant wife was upstairs.

I Googled her images and all of a sudden when I saw the photos of her I remembered that I had met her briefly at the Trump wedding. To make it even more surreal, she walked up to join a conversation I was having with Hillary Clinton as the Trump’s were a few feet away talking with President Clinton. Whoa! Who knew that 12 years later these players would capture the world’s imagination in a race for the most powerful office in the land.

I was invited to the wedding because I was publisher of Palm Beach Today and Natasha was invited because she was assigned by People to cover Trump and eventually his wedding. I didn’t remember her name when it appeared in the news even though she said her name to Hillary, but I remembered her when I saw her photo because she is tall and attractive.

I had a special interest in seeing her photo because today at a rally in West Palm Beach, Trump brought her up and with anger said that her accusation was a lie. “Have you seen her”? he asked the packed crowd. Uh, oh. As soon as I heard that I knew the press would come down on Trump for asking the question because he has been known to comment on how women look. He did spare us, however. He didn’t call her a pig or a dog or …….

Trump in his way, of course, was inferring that he wouldn’t have pinned her up against a wall and forced his tongue down her throat because she wasn’t good looking enough for him and certainly didn’t deserve his sweaty, small-handed groping or his golden tongue.

Now the press (especially Fox) will spend days, along with Trump supporters, to determine if the women who have launched these accusations are credible. Check this out: Natasha is the author of six books with two of them appearing for weeks on the New York Times best-seller list.

Now, tell me … why would a successful, best-selling author, want to dive into the muddy hole of this presidential election and put her personal life under examination for all to see?

Because it’s the right thing to do and I would say, because of the mud Trump has made us all wade through, we need all “It’s the right thing to do” we can muster up.

Click below to read her story. You will read that Trump doubled down on her as he set a trap the next day after his attack to catch her naked at the massage room at Mar-a-Lago.


Natasha Stoynoff

Click here to read her story.