Ramona Humphrey was laying on her living room floor in excruciating pain half in and half out of her front storm door. She had let her little Maltese, Katy, out the door for morning duties, but Ramona forgot that she had on her LL Bean bedroom slippers. With no traction she slipped on the ice and broke her hip and leg.

It was March 7 and at 10am it was 18-degrees at her Hanging Rock Estates Lane home in Banner Elk and the wind was howling and sweeping over the snow and ice.

Ramona tried to crawl to the phone to call 911 but she couldn’t move. The phone was six-feet away and to make matters worse she had not yet put on her Life Alert that morning. It was in her bedroom.

She could barely move. The storm door kept banging against her in the cold wind. Little Katy licked away her tears but all Ramona could do was lay there helpless with fire hot pain pulsating through her hip and leg.

She began calling for help. The snow and the cold blew into the living room and it was getting colder in the living room. She had so severely broken her hip and leg it hurt to yell. Across the street about 100 yards away from Ramona’s home, neighbor Reka Korossy couldn’t understand why her dog, Easy, was jumping up and down and barking.

Easy, a Scottish Wolf Hound (along with some Sheperd and Dalmation) was, well, “easy going” and hardly ever barked. Reke began to be alarmed over Easy’s jumping and barking. Three times he went from the kitchen where Reka was to the front door.

Anxiously Reka went to the front door and opened it. Easy was turning round and round and looking into Reka’s eyes trying to send a message. And then Reka heard something in the howling wind. She stood still and thought that she could hear someone yelling help. She opened her front door to better listen and Easy took off running through the snow and ice straight toward Ramona’s home a football field away.

Reka called her daughter, Evelyn, who lives two doors down from Ramona. Her son-in-law, Larry Oates, answered as he had not yet gone to bed after working all night as a trauma nurse.

Reka quickly put on coat and boots and followed Easy. As she got closer she could see that Ramona’s front door was half open. When she and Larry arrived at the door they found Ramona on the floor covered in snow. Through tears Ramona told Reka that her Life Alert was in the bedroom. Reka found it, activated it and then called 911.

Larry got on the phone and reported in detail what the situation was. Larry of course knew not to move Ramona. He and Reka covered Ramona in blankets and what seemed like an eternity Avery County Emergency arrived. By this time Ramona’s daughter, Marsha, arrived and followed the EMS truck to Watauga Hospital in Boone.

The trip took about 45-minutes and even though Ramona was deep in pain she thought about Easy and how he had saved her life. She had heard Reka describe Easy as having “angel ears” and now she knew why for sure. (Ramona passed away in 2014) This article appeared in Banner Elk Magazine. Facebook