Logging truck drivers evidently like the sound of their giant, noisy engine compression braking as they speed well over the 35mph speed limit through the one mile of Linville Falls from Louise’s Restaurant to the entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway on Highway 221.

The drivers are using their “machine gun” brakes because they like the sound. At 35mph braking of any kind is not needed according to the Highway Patrol.

Irresponsible log truck drivers are fraying our nerves, costing us sleep, and driving down our property values.

The Avery County Commission can write an ordinance about the noise and the signs could go up. Many counties in the U.S. have ordinances including Henderson County in North Carolina just to mention one near by.

Click here to read the Henderson County ordinance.

By the way, “No Jake Brake” signs like the one that used to be posted in Newland is illegal so it has been taken down. Jacobs, Inc., make the brakes and they claim the term violates their copyright. I don’t blame them for not wanting to be identified in any way.

I have asked people throughout the county and there is no question that logging truck drivers speeding and using their “machine gun” brakes is the biggest safety problem in the county. The signs are no replacement for more Sheriff patrols, but the ordinance will make it possible to stop a logging truck and give them a ticket (usually $200).