According to my survey, the biggest safety problem in Avery County, is the proliferation of irresponsible logging truck drivers.

Now that the economy is coming back there are more semi-trucks on our Avery County roads and highways than ever before.

Specifically the logging truck drivers are fraying our nerves, costing us sleep, destroying our well-being and violating our civil rights. One mistake would mean tragedy.logging truck.jpg

I have never seen a logging truck obeying our speed limits. In addition, they use their “machine gun” brakes when no brakes are needed if they are going the posted speed limit.

I have been told that these drivers like the sound of their big engines compressing. Many probably have faulty exhaust systems considering the black smoke spewing out.

I would be interested in your comments about this subject and, no, I am not negative toward logging companies as they contribute substantially to our economy.

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